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Lead Free Solder Paste, Flux and Solder Wire from Hardware Specialty and Henkel Loctite Electronics

After years spent in preparation, lead-free is finally here. So, having ensured that your entire manufacturing line is compliant with the demands of the RoHS directive, can you afford to sit back and relax?

Unfortunately not. Compliance is one thing, but continual process optimization is entirely another. You may have reviewed your entire product line for RoHS compliance but how sure are you that your bill of materials is lead-free capable? The fact is, if your materials are not up to the elevated temperature cycles of lead-free, you are paving the way for low yields and poor reliability.

Henkel's global leadership in lead-free formulas is evidenced by the thousands of progressive manufacturers currently using our lead-free expertise to their advantage. Our wide range of RoHS-compliant Material Sets and transitional products will ensure you never have to compromise on the factors most important to you: turnaround, yield, cost and quality.

We have launched a pioneering range of soldering material set solutions to deliver proven package performance in the lead-free environment.

Find a Henkel lead-free material solution to your specific challenge here. Alternatively, to find out how Material Sets technology could guarantee your place at the forefront of the new lead-free environment.

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Another Step Closer to Lead-Free Solder Paste Perfection

Multicore LF318M (click here) is lead-free, halide-free, and no-clean. Superior slump resistance by IPC ANSI/J-STD-005 and JIS-Z-3284 standards minimizes bridge defects. Superior tack life and open time exceeding 24 hours slash paste wastage. High initial tack force prevents component movement during high-speed placement. Plus excellent solderability on most any surface finish, including nickel/gold, immersion tin, immersion silver and OSP copper; in air or nitrogen. No-clean residues are soft, non-stick, and colorless, easing visual inspection and ICT probing.

WS300(click here) WATER SOLUBLE lead free solder paste: specifically formulated for excellent print definition at fine-pitches, MulticoreWS300 displays low voiding, superior slump resistance, and long open and abandon times for convenience and low wastage. Plus, you can clean boards in water up to three days after reflow, leaving no visible residue. Rest assured, our high-performance Multicore WS300 meets or exceeds ANSI/J-STD-004 and 005 specifications, as well as Bellcore GR-78-CORE tests.

Wave Solder Flux - Lead-Free with Henkel’s Multicore Halide-Free flux MFR301 (click here)

Multicore Lead Free Solder Paste (click here) – The highest quality Solder Paste in the Electronics Industry

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